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The prepared perfume

The cosmetics are compounded from the prepared perfume being blended with more than one hundred kinds of natural perfume and synthetic perfume which are selected from many thousand kinds of materials.
The scent which is matched with each product is developed, and which has been playing a part in distinction of cosmetics. The offered scent for customers is haute couture, and the composition’s recipes of perfume materials (prescriptions) are closely kept as the supreme classified information at the perfume company.

The perfume of koei industry

The excellent cosmetics essentially need a good scent which is made by superior materials and prescriptions. We have offered the scent compounded with the natural materials from French, and it has been cherished by many customers for sixty years from our foundation.
We have preparation for satisfying the customers’ requests because we have experience and achievement. We would like you to consider our products for the distinction from others of your cosmetic company and the realization of high-added value.

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